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Natural Incense for your family!

Incense Sticks

Why Re:mind?

No Chemicals

All our products are made without added chemicals

100% Organic

All our products are made with natural ingredients

No Pesticides

The herbs used are grown naturally without pesticides

Safe for earth

Herbs produce 50% less carbon than chemicals

“Re:mind has the best products in India when it comes to Organic Incense Sticks, Havan Samagri, and my personal favorite Meditation Incense"

Nisha Tyagi, Uttarakhand

Our Story

At Re:mind, we hold nature's wisdom at the heart of our creations. Our commitment to authenticity and purity drives us to source raw ingredients solely from natural origins. Each inhalation transports you to the very roots of nature's embrace, inviting the essence of centuries-old rituals into your modern sanctuary.

 Kapoor Natural Incense Sticks - Agarbatti, Agarbati

Our Subscriptions

Starter Kit (Once a day)

This subscription package is perfect for those who like to light incense once a day to enhance their daily rituals and create a calming atmosphere.

Regular Kit (Twice)

This subscription package is designed for individuals who enjoy lighting incense twice a day, whether it's for morning and evening rituals or any other purpose.

Bhakti Kit (3 times)

For those deeply engaged in their spiritual routines, this subscription offers a generous supply of incense to be lit three times a day.

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